Young, Dumb and Broke (song by Khalid)

Level: Medium to High

Language: Adjectives, Relationships, Adolescence, School, Colloquial expressions


WARNING: While the song lyrics don’t contain any bad language, the video briefly shows a girl sticking up her middle finger and also includes a subtitle which says “Most likely not to give a fuck”. If this is not appropriate for your class, you might prefer to play the song without showing the video.


Khalid is an American teenager from Texas. Young, Dumb and Broke is his first single to reach major international success, reaching the top ten in many countries and even hitting the number-one spot in New Zealand and the Philippines. The song’s popularity can be put down to its simple melody and message. Its success has also been helped by the accompanying video which features Khalid himself and several famous faces, such as Normani Kordei from the world’s biggest girl-group, Fifth Harmony. Viewers who are old enough to remember the 1990s might also recognise some other familiar faces from high-school pop culture of the time: the video features cameos from Rachel Leigh Cook (She’s All That) and everybody’s favourite head-teacher Dennis Haskins (Saved By The Bell).





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