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Hi. My name is Colm and I’m a freelance writer and ELT author. Thanks for visiting my website. Is it everything you ever dreamed of? Hope so!


About the website

Picnic English is an easy-to-use site with two main features:

• the homepage offers free worksheets for teachers and students of English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Each worksheet is based on a pop song, a movie clip or a trending-topic video.  I create the worksheets myself. Unfortunately as I am not (yet) an international popstar or newsmaker, I can’t claim ownership for any of the videos on here. The worksheets are for educational purposes, with no charges or advertising. If you like them, all I ask is that you tell your friends or colleagues.

• the Picnic Pop page contains my very own reviews of new music releases. Why? Because, dear visitor, if the latest Ed Sheeran single truly is a torrid affair, it is a matter of public duty to instruct radio listeners to brace for impact. You’re welcome!


About Me

I’m from splendid County Cork in Ireland but live in splendider Barcelona, Spain. Before making the leap to full-time writing, I taught EFL for over 15 years so much of my writing work is as an ELT author: I do digital authoring for Macmillan and also write various lesson series for their OneStopEnglish website. Aside from the world of EFL, I also write content for clients in other sectors, such as Psychology and Music. And I’ve just had my first book published! The Illustrated Book of Songs is a comical glance at classic songs from the worlds of indie, pop, hip-hop, and so on. Release date October, 2019 (UK & Ireland, mainland Europe, other territories); November, 2019 (USA).  You can find more info about me – and read some of my book – on my author website: colmboyd.com

If you want to contact me, write to colm@picnicenglish.com