Colm Boyd EFL Teacher Materials Writer Picnic EnglishHi. My name is Colm. Thanks for visiting my website. Is it everything you ever dreamed of? Hope so!

Whether you’re a teacher or a student of English, I endeavour to provide you with high-quality worksheets to make your life a little less abysmal. I create the worksheets myself. Unfortunately as I am not (yet) an international popstar or newsmaker, I can’t claim ownership for any of the videos on here. Picnic English is an educational site with no charges or advertising. If you like it, all I ask is that you tell your friends or colleagues.

By the by, I’m from splendid County Cork in Ireland but live in splendider Barcelona, Spain where I work as an EFL Teacher and Materials Writer. Current and past employers include British Council, IESE Business School and various universities. I also do online classes by Skype.

If you want to contact me, write to picnicenglish@gmail.com