Would you like it gift-wrapped, sir? (Christmas scene from Love Actually)

Level: Medium to High

Language: Colloquial expressions, Shopping, Relationships, Personality, Christmas


Love Actually is a 2003 movie, set in snowy London at Christmas. The word “actually” means “in reality”, so the idea of the movie is to show how romantic relationships really are with their many obstacles and imperfections. The plot involves many different characters and relationships, though they are all interconnected in some way. One of these relationships is that if Harry and Karen, a middle-aged couple with two young children. They’ve been together for many years and have a comfortable, familiar relationship. However, Harry works as the managing director at a design agency and he has a very pretty new secretary called Mia. She acts very flirtatiously with Harry and he enjoys having the interest of a young, attractive woman. As Christmas approaches, Harry decides that he would like to buy a special Christmas present for Mia.  In this scene, we see Harry trying to secretly purchase the gift.








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